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Healthy Lifestyle is function of physical exercise and 
activity we undertake, the type of food & diet we eat and 
also the environment & mental well-being that hover over us. 
A hot subject matter that been talked about in our daily 
journey in life. Definition varies and diversifies. Health 
and fitness is a subject much talks about daily. Especially, 
how we can live healthy at all ages - young and into our 
golden age. Our health largely is influenced by few factors - 
our daily physical activities, food /diet and our physical & 
emotional environment. We shall be sharing information about 
"cause - effect - solution on how Physical exercise - esp. 
aerobic endurance, tasty and health - food and diet and 
environment and mental Stress" can influence our health and 

Health & fitness is priceless. Not only allowing us 
to enjoy and participate actively along our growing and 
into golden age live journey. Also offers us joy, 
happiness and freedom within our family & close 
loved ones, friends and society at large. We must value, 
nurture and safe guard our healthy self. 

Truly, there is no one formula or solution to fit everyone 
health & fitness needs! We, human are so complex and 
intriguing . We are human however individually different 
among ourselves, even between our loved ones. Individual 
interactions and responses within the same environment is 
never the same. We can obey the basic best healthy practices 
as guideline. The true is!!! We need to continue reviewing, 
discovering and formulate the correct set of best healthy 
practices that fit our individual self/family. Lets us 
dwell into this subject journey {HEALTHY LIFESTYLE} with 
an open mind and assess the benefits that come along!

Last April 2014, as usual routine a team of volunteers 
visited an old folks home. The home is well kept and 
maintained with 25+ retirees - an average age of the 
retirees is above 65 years old. They are with the 
home for varies reason - majority is because of health 
and alone!The healthier retirees were seen enjoying and 
entertaining  themselves with games - chess, dancing, 
singing,painting, pacing along path of the garden and 
other on light workouts at their gymnasium. They are 
played together smiling, relaxed, satisfied, occupied 
and happily lazing of their golden age in a ripe fully 
manner. What a wonderful feeling and sight!!The 
unfortunate sight is the bed ridden retirees. They need 
assistance and support for their daily chorus! They 
suffered from varying stage of cardiovascular diseases 
(heart & kidney failure and diabetes) - a common 
disease of old age. These disease is on the rise among 
the middle age group (age between 40 to 55 years old) 
and one of the cause is due to unhealthy lifestyle practices 
- "excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking, too rich diet 
without exercise and under stressful environment" .

They suffered and brought unnecessary burden to their 
loved ones, friends and society. Let us keep track of 
ourselves- stay healthy & fit & 
enjoy our golden age with pride and happiness.Looking-
forward to meet you in my next weekly blog - "How to stay 
health & fit along our growing age to golden age "


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